Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One Last Time

Today is my last stroll through Coyoacán, my last time eating the scrumptious chicken fajitas at Mesón Santa Catarina and my last time going to the movies in Mexico. All of that is of course until my next time in Mexico and in D.F. I have such opposite sentiments flowing through me right now – excitement to go home and be with my friends and family and sadness for leaving the life I have made for myself in Mexico.

It’s a gorgeous day today, the sun is brilliant, the air is warm and there is an ever so slight breeze. It’ll be months before a day in Chicago is like this one. I walk a lot slower here, stroll around, observe and document and get to know all different parts of the city. Will I be able to walk this slowly in Chicago, or will those racing off to their mountain of responsibilities trample me? Since I left my school in Wilmette, little by little went my compulsive ways to have to be in control. Can I maintain that “hands off” attitude? I feel a healthier balance here – my work is not my life. I’m pretty sure my heart beats slower here; I don’t have anything to stress out about - no deadlines, no rush to be on time, no piles of paperwork. I have more than enough time to do whatever I want and still spend time with “family” and friends. Time – that is the essential difference between our cultures – as if the border is a “time warp”.