Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Risky Business

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I ate a hog dog from a stand on the street! It’s late and I’m still up – I think I’m afraid to see what kind of effect it will have, hopefully it will go unnoticed by my digestive system. Miriam, one of the Fulbright grantees, has raved about how tasty the “street hot dogs” are, but I have remained skeptical as a life-long lover of a kosher hot dog. At these street corner stands, the dogs sit on a hot plate, wrapped in a thin, fatty slice of bacon. The bun gets heated for a couple of seconds before joining the hot dog to be served on a napkin. The condiments include ketchup, salsa, tomatoes and mayonnaise – not exactly a Chicago Dog. I don’t even know how to describe the flavor since I don’t think I tasted it; I was too scared of what I was eating to be able to pay attention to its taste. I was so anxious that I even had mine with ketchup, even though I always have mine plain. The upside of the experience – each dog costs only 10 pesos.
* The attached photos are not from the actual event, as I was too grossed out at that time to take a photo of the experience.

The night started well enough. On COMEXUS’ new roof garden, I enjoyed wine and cheese with Karina and some of her co-workers. Through the eternally hazy polluted sky we could see the Mexico City skyline – not exactly Chicago’s, but it was still nice up there.

From there, Karina, her friend Tania and I went to bowl. As the three of us are going to the Luis Miguel concert in January, it’s pretty strange that his music was playing over the sound system the whole time. With our neon green bowling shoes on and a bucket of Pacífico on our table, we were ready to begin. Each of the four games we played cost 25 pesos, a special for playing during the week. I came in second three times and figure it has to be because Tania must secretly practice in her spare time.