Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Boy with the Golden Smile

Last week was a disaster for Luis; he made it into the blog a couple of times. The week started well enough, but the second day, as you may recall, I didn’t allow him to enter class. Then, on the third day, he didn’t last very long after entering class.

Today, the first class of the week for Luis, was very different. He didn’t speak in the hallway and, once in the classroom, he worked diligently. He seemed very motivated to finish his pen-pal letter today – the last day that I would accept them. He was excited to tell his pen pal about his favorite musical group, Queen, and have me write the titles of his favorite songs from the group.

At the end of class, Luis was one of the last students to leave. His pen-pal letter was complete, but he wanted to take it home to add drawings. As he stood by my desk waiting for the letter, I commented, “Your behavior was perfect today.” Instantly, he was beaming. His smile was so genuine and joyful. When I close my eyes and picture Luis at that moment, the corners of my mouth instinctively curl upwards as I think about how he looked so proud and full of confidence.